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Cedar Built Items- fresh from the great Pacific Northwest

Made in the USA in the great Evergreen state of Washington from quality grade western red cedar milled by an independent small business owner to your needs.  We generally use REAL dimensional lumber, how it was milled back in the day,where as a 2x4 is a full 2" by a full 4", not the thinner conventional (current lumber yard standard) 1.5" x 3.5".  Our material gives the nostalgic feel with the enhanced scale and quality, a feel that is watered down with conventional building materials because you see it everywhere.  We custom build to suit your needs, just bring in a picture or a site you've seen an image (example- 'google' search 'arbors') we'll give you a price.

Cedar arbors and trellises

Cedar sheds and chicken coops

Cedar furniture

Cedar picnic tables- oversized too!

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